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PFAFF Industrial innovations and novelties on the world market

An excellent product know-how and continuous innovation – that is what the traditional PFAFF Industrial brand stands for about 150 years.

From the development of the first sewing machine with thread trimmer to the high-tech button sewer ,PFAFF 3307', the history of the PFAFF Industrial world innovations was always a central subject. We were always able to set new market trends and in this way expand our worldwide customer network with airtight solutions.


The PFAFF Industrial innovation story. Stitch for stitch.

  • 1960  The first machine with thread trimmer celebrates its world premiere
  • 1960  In the same year the oil-free high-speed sewing machine for “dry” work is introduced post-bed machine wheel feed and driven roller presser
  • 1967  Successful introduction of the first zig-zag machine with  6000 spm
  • 1968  PFAFF Industrial presents the worldwide first automatic jeans pocket setter
  • 1973  The first programmable automatic contour stitcher provides precision work
  • 1995  Step-and-Go – the development of the first servo-stop-motor follows
  • 2003  And yet another brand new success – the ,PFAFF 3307' button sewer
  • 2006  PFAFF Industrial wins the 'IMB INNOVATION AWARD 2006' for the solution 'Programmed welding with 100% parameter control'
  • 2007  In the theme sector upholstered furniture and bedding, a jury of experts for the ’Interzum Award’ gives PFAFF Industrial an award with the distinction ’BEST OF THE BEST’ for a newly-developed upholstery sewing machine
  • 2007  PFAFF Industrial is awarded the 'Innovation prize 2007 for industry' by the INITIATIVE FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED COMPANIES for the solution 'Ultrasonic-welding machine PFAFF 8310 Cut & Seal'
  • 2009  With the POWERLINE 3745 the PFAFF Industrial company realized for the first time a real-time online monitoring of thread tension for each stich and a skip stitch detection inside and outside of documented seams
  • 2011  “Innovation Award 2011” TEXPROCESS Frankfurt for the Docu-Seam-System PFAFF Powerline 3721. First DocuSeam system equipped with roller presser, optional with edge trimmer
  • 2013  “Innovation Award 2013” TEXPROCESS Frankfurt for “SMART SEAMING sewing control 2.0”. First time an industrial sewing machine is operated wireless through a tablet computer. Error messages will be forwarded to the service staff online. Technical Data (e.g. runtime, number of stitches, thread trimming etc.) and error messasges of the sewing machine can be recalled online. Service points can be set by stitch counting. All technical documentation such as service manual, instruction manual and example videos are stored on the table computer.
  • 2015  “PFAFF 3590vairo IQ”. Advanced machine-side quality controlled sewing operation on PFAFF 3590vario. The thread force is controlled by a thread force sensor. Deviations from a predetermined range will be shown on the machine immediately or at the end of the seam. Three different options are possible to display. The thread force sensor can be calibrated by PFAFF service technicians.

With its research and development department PFAFF Industrial has always been up to date. This is also shown by the regular participation in government-aided research products. In mid-2005, for example, a project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – BMBF) for the further development of fibre-reinforced plastics for the employment in highly-loaded power transmission and highly-accelerated kinematic elements was completed.

With ultra-modern technology, committed employees and the right feel for developments and trends in the standard and special machine construction you can continue to look forward to further milestones from us in future.

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