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July 10, 2024 New technical refinements on PFAFF 1591

July 10, 2024  New technical refinements on PFAFF 1591

New technical refinements on PFAFF 1591


The high-end version of the PFAFF 1591 is equipped with two new features that significantly increase quality and productivity - for every sewing operation! The new device for a "neat seam start" reduces the thickness of the thread nest and minimizes the need for reworking. The new device for “self-regulating thread tension” eliminates the need for constant manual adjustment of the thread tension to different material thicknesses. It guarantees a perfect seam appearance, even when stitch over cross seams.

Our customers expect us to always be one step ahead of the competition in terms of technology and quality. With the high-end version of the PFAFF 1591, we are once again setting a new benchmark

 Further features of the electronic machine series compared to mechanical shoe machines:

  • Thread trimmer for short thread ends < 5 mm (Option)
  • Step motor drive - no tolerance of the stitch lengths at different speeds
  • Needle feed in addition to wheel feed and roller presser (completely step motor driven)
  • Stitch length (max. 7 mm) of roller presser and wheel feed can be adjusted separately in the operating panel
  • Programmable extra width of roller presser or wheel feed up to 7 mm
  • ½ stitch length for corner stitch, target stitch or programmable stitch


The machine is mainly used in the shoe manufacturing and automotive sectors (e.g. headrest production).




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