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Unique simple: Reverse sewing

Sewing – when required also in the other direction

Chain stitch machines are mainly used whenever elastic seams are required. The classic machine is only able to sew in one direction; backtacking at the end of the seam is not possible. The PFAFF 5483-911 is an exception; it features a device to sew in all directions. This reverse stitching device is one of a kind in the market. The machine achieves a stitch length of 4.5 mm (forward and reverse) at full speed. The machine’s H-version features a lift of 33 mm. Closing the seat seam of trousers is a typical operation for this machine. It creates an elastic seam in the seat area with a firm lock in the waistband area. Upon request the machine can be offered without a transport for use in automats.

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