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KL 950 classic

Multi-needle sewing unit (full-automatic)
Verdunkelungsrollos / Blackout blindsPolster / UpholsteryBanner / FlagsGardine / CurtainFilter / FiltrationAutositz / Car seatMarkisen / AwningsTaschen / BagsKlärbecken / ClarifierIsolationen / IsolationsFlugzeug / AirplaneMatratzen / MattressesTaschenfilter / Filter pockets


  • The stitch position is at the same level with each seam, which leads to a particularly regular and precisely seam pattern. 
  • The fixed positions of the needle to one another ensure a supreme performance in parallel seam positioning even with ambitious materials. 
  • Individual pattern designs by simple relocation of the sewing tools
  • 10 sewing tools
  • Sewing speed: max. 12 m/min.
  • Sewing unit in modular structure in steps of 600 mm up to max. 7,200 mm needle distance
  • Needle distance: min. 5 mm, or upon customer request
  • Condensed stitches free programmable at seam beginning and seam end
  • Upper and lower thread breakage monitoring
  • Material transport by upper and optional lower feed by continuous transport belts
  • Manual height adjustable upper transport system for adaptation to different material heights
  • Processing of single cut panels as well as roll material
  • Movable loading table for exact positioning of the sewing material with single cut panels
  • Program and recipe management
  • SPS control
  • 20 thread monitors (10 each for needle- and looper thread)


  • Sewing-under of tapes (endless or with positioning of beginning and end of the tape)
  • Sewing-under of OKE-strips or similar
  • Continuous bottom feed for a correct feed of the sewing material through the entire machine area
  • Integrated template guide for highest loading precision and material guidance
  • Special device for sewing of sinuous lines and pockets 
  • Programmable stitch condensation at beginning and end of seam
  • Automatic feeding of the cuts
  • Stacker for the finished goods
  • Conveyor system for the transfer of the finished goods
  • Unwinder and rewinder to process roll material or continuous production
  • Integratable longitudinal and transverse cutting system
  • Feeders to control the thread tension during the sewing process
  • Automatic foot height adjustment
  • Integration into existing production systems
  • Additional thread stand
  • Laser for an exact positioning of the fabric
  • height-adjustable top-transport system
  • Individual needles can be switched on and off
  • Thread trimmer for each thread chain (positioning adjustable)
  • Stitch loosening for the sewing of sensitive materials without compression of the material
  • Tape feeding system - endless from the top and/or from the bottom
  • Tape feeding system from the bottom with trimming unit for the precise positioning of tape beginning and tape end


Max. needle distance: 600 / 1200 / 1800 / 2400 / 3000 /  … 6,000 mm
Max. material passage width: max. needle distance + 400 mm
Stitch length: 2.5 mm - 8 mm
Max. speed: 1,200 s.p.m.

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