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PFAFF 3806

Integrated sewing station for closing rub-down seams
Schuhe / ShoesAtmungsaktive Schuhe / Breathable shoesOutdoor Schuhe / Outdoor shoes
Flachbettmaschinen / Flat bed machines

Working method

The photocell controls following functions at the seam end:

  • Automatic stopping of the machine with the needle down (which facilitates accurate positioning of the next part)
  • Chain cutting
  • Presser foot lifting

The length of the protruding thread chain can be set via parameter. The length of the starting thread chain is constant approx. 8 mm (-12/22) or 12 mm (12/23). The thread chain is clamped between sewing cycles and is not released until shortly after the next sewing cycle has begun. This ensures a reliable and seam start (and prevents the thread from being drawn into the needle hole). All the operator has to do is insert, guide and remove the workpiece.


  • Highest Output of 2,000 pairs of shoes in 480 minutes, sewing an 8-cm-long
  • curved heel seam
  • Elastic and flexible seam; no bursting of the heel seam at high pressure
  • Sturdy sewing parts enable closing heel seams on shoes or boots made from heavier materials
  • Shift-free sewing of problem materials ensured by a favourable combination of feed mechanisms (top feed stroke can be set independently of the bottom feed stroke; in addition, the pressure of presser foot and vibrating presser can be varied separately)
  • Consistently high quality of the sewn parts, largely independent of the operator‘s skill, as a result of partial mechanization of the work cycle
  • Low training costs: The simple operation of the machine, reduced to a minimum by automatic control sequences (via parameter or photocell)
  • 3806-12/22: For processing heavy fabrics
  • 3806-12/23: For processing light to medium heavy fabrics as well as operations with narrow radii the bottom with trimming unit for the precise positioning of tape beginning and tape end


  • Max. sewing speed: 4,000 s.p.m.
  • Max. stitch length:        
    -12/22: 3,5 cm
    -12/23: 4,5 cm
  • Clearance under the sewing foot:
    -12/22: 7 mm
    -12/23: 9 mm
  • Needle system:
    -12/22: 4463-KKS
    -12/23: 4463-35-KKS
  • Needle size:              
    -12/22: Nm 80 - 100
    -12/23: Nm 80 - 120
  • Thread size:              
    -12/22: to 40/3 synth.
    -12/23: to 40/3 synth.
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