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PFAFF 1243 -712/... Tacking

Flat bed machine for tacking and basting
Herren Sakko / Men's jacketDamen Blazer / Women's blazer
Flachbettmaschinen / Flat bed machinesVertikalgreifer, groß / Vertical hook, largeStichtyp Doppelsteppstich / stitch type lockstitchAnzahl der Nadeln / Number of needlesFadenanzahl / Number of theadsOption - Fadenabschneider / Thread trimmer

PFAFF 1243-712



  • Special machine for tacking and basting of jackets, overcoats, shoulder pads, etc.
  • Easy drawing of the thread when shifting the workpiece
  • Reliable sewing start after thread trimming due to the solenoid-controlled thread tension
  • One-stitch tacking because of pedal-controlled inching
  • For work on flat-lying parts, such as tacking work on jacket front edges
  • Simple processing of materials up to a thickness of 12.0 mm, depending on the used needle system


  • Reliable and sturdy thread trimmer (-900/51)


Jackets, overcoats, shoulder pads, blazer, etc...
Anwendung 1243-712/...


Needle system: 190 K
Needle size: 80 - 100 Nm
Max. Max. sewing speeds: 1.000 s.p.m
Stitch type: 301 (Lockstitch)
Clearance under the sewing foot: max. 20 mm
Clear workspace: 270 x 115 mm
Connection voltage: single-phase a.c. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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